Frequently Asked Questions

What type of fish can I expect to catch?
You can expect to catch Redfish (Red Drum), Speckled Trout (Spotted Sea Trout), Drum (Black Drum), Flounder, and Sheephead.
What type of vessel will I be fishing out of?
Our Captains operate 22' - 25’ open Bay Boats with a center console.
What type of equipment will I be using?
We provide 6’6” medium action spin cast rod and reels for your use.
What type of tackle will I be using?
Most commonly used is a float and jig with market bait. We also use spinner baits, gold spoons, jigs, and top water. The type of tackle will be recommended by the Captain and will vary depending on the season and fishing conditions.
How long will my trip last?
Charters typically range 5.5 to 6.5 hours.
What if I don’t know how to fish?
Not a problem! The Captain will work with you on casting and demonstrating the fishing equipment.
What is provided on this charter?
Fishing rods and reels / tackle / your catch cleaned (Fillet or Half Shell)
What are some items I might need to bring?
Sunglasses, Sun Block, Hat, Camera, Seasonal clothing, Fishing License & State ID, Ice chest for your Cleaned & Bagged catch, Snacks, Any beverage (non-alcoholic or alcoholic)
Do I need a fishing license?
Yes. Each person 16 years and older is required to have a Louisiana fishing license. Licenses MUST be purchased Online PRIOR to arriving.
Online LDWF (

Louisiana Residents may use a Louisiana Combination Fishing License in lieu of a Charter Passenger License. (Louisiana Combination License is BOTH Basic and Saltwater)

We'll be happy to answer any other questions that you may have, give us a call at 504-416-6260 or you can click here to contact us

Red Drum (redfish) Red drum prefer shellfish such as crabs or shrimp 16” min total length 5 daily per person/bag No more than one over 27” max total length 

Seatrout, Spotted (speckled trout) Has distinctive spotted pattern 12” min total length  25 daily per person - bag 2; 15 daily per person with no more than two over 25” (in specified areas)

Black Drum This is a big drum -
often approaching three feet and weighing 70-80 pounds.
16” min total length 5 daily per person - bag and possession
No more than one over 27” max total length

Flounder Voracious predators, flounders spend most of their time camouflaged snugly on the bottom awaiting their unsuspecting prey NONE 10 daily per person (for each consecutive day on the water) 

Large Mouth Bass Fresh Water no size limits in Lafitte area waterways 10 daily, of any size when caught in Lafitte area waterways

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